Day 117 – Blanket

I woke up, sweating. Blanket twisted around my body like a starving python. The digital numbers on the watch blinked curiously at me as I fought for freedom in my bed. My fighting feet reached the soft coat of Ville and he grunted quietly at me but didn’t move. I managed to get free but…

Day 3 – Gone

There’s a hundred ways to describe Ville; ‘gone’ is one of them.

WPC -Resilient

Its perfectly natural look remains resilient through weather and time, remaining as a constant reminder of love and rememberance.

Day 2 – Interior

Every day I tell myself two things; to take better care of myself and to update my blog. Clearly, I can only do one of them per day..

Day 1 – Year

I have since long lost that special feeling that kids have around new years eve – that whole dream of a new start, a new beginning, endless of options and possibilities.


“Fear cannot be banished, but it can be calm and without panic; it can be mitigated by reason and evalution” Vannevar Bush     “Don’t panic”, he says. I look at him, frowning. I’m halfway through a roundabout and the car is dead, unforgivingly killed by the lousy driver; me. It is not the first time…

Light of Stygia

In Revolt of Islam (1817), Percy Bysshe Shelley writes; “fear not the future, weep not for the past” (Canto XI, st. 18). A lot of people consider the future to be in 5, 10 or 50 years – but to me the future is next second, next minute, next hour. While I may know what…

Eyes of Acumen

“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future” George Bernard Shaw   There was a point in my life when I felt that there were no reason for me to exist anymore, when I felt that it were pointless to keep pushing forward, because there…

White Messenger

“Beneath the darkest of visages usually gleams the softest of hearts” This Is Gonna Hurt – Nikki Sixx

Sacred Prayer

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time” Mark Twain Had a weekend off and been writing loads. Feels good to finally be back with my project! Now I’ll just have to stick with it, endure and hopefully my vision of it…

Prism of Hope

There’s several reasons to why I like rainy days; I’m left undisturbed to walk around as I please, since everyone tends to stay inside (and thus there’ll be no dogs and dog-owners that my dogs can bark on either!) It often fits my mood It is refreshing I get to see rainbows! This rainbow I…