In Case of Emergency

Dad playing with Ninja and Ville – winter 2014

I think that at some point in a persons life, they’ll reach a point where they suddenly realise just how short their time with family may be. Even if I have had a special relationship with this fact for quite some time, it still struck me like a bolt of lightning today, when I had to see my father be taken to the emergency by the ambulance.

Suffering from Parkinson, he has recently been very ill and gotten worse very quickly. Yesterday it escalated even further, but he assured me that he was okey but very, very tired. I wanted to believe that, so I let him be but today it felt impossible to ignore that he wasn’t doing well at all – hell, he was in really bad condition.

Luckily, heaven was on my side and dad’s neighbour came rushing in as if he knew what was happening. Thanks to him, dad was picked up by the ambulance, but the neighbour also offered to go there with him and stay with dad until he was taken care of properly – since I had my dogs and no money to travel back home if I had gone.

At this point, my dad is doing fairly well and has been very well taken care of, he’ll be kept for a few days to check up some issues as well as sort out proper medicine that suits him better then his current ones. I can’t help but feel furious over how bad the health care in our town has been that hasn’t given him theh elp he needs, so even if I’m already struggling with myself, I’ll make sure that there’s no dropping the ball this time. I want my dad to be healthy for as long as it is possible and to let him have some dignity despite being ill. I hate seeing him suffer, it truly hurts in me and I feel helpless not knowing what to do for him or knowing what lies in the future for us. I hope we finally can get some answers, some real information and guidance in what to do, and I hope that he can get the help he deserves so he can get more time to spend with the rest of us in the family.

Get well, dad. I’ll be right there by your side to cheer you on!


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