Rise for Certain Heights

Ivy pfted
‘Forgotten Ivy’

The snow is still about a corgi deep in the forests and the highlight of the day for the dogs is the evening walk when we defy the dark nights to conquer the parking lot outside the local store. With no one in sight 8and obviously no cars in sight) the dogs gets a fair chance to frap around as much as they please!

Ville has not been in mood for much today and I’m a bit unsure why. But we’ve taken things in his pace and split up the walks in shorter ones but more often. I’ve also spoiled him with cuddles and massage, and he felt a lot more energetic this evening. It’s not easy being ‘old’, like me and Ville 😉

Ninja got to exercise on being social with other dogs. After being attacked, both Ninja and me feel that dog meetings are very stressful. Luckily, my sister is being very helpful, letting me and Ninja join them on their walks. Despite being a bit insecure and shy, she actually seemed very keen to play with the other dogs at the end of the walk. It makes me so happy to see! With some time and patience, I’m sure we both can overcome our fear and that will be a huge step in the right direction.


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