Fourlegged Friends

Dad with Ninja and Ville

Spent the evening at my dads’ to spoil him with company, dinner, supper and ofc – the most important – corgi kisses!
Ninja gives the very very best kisses, even if one risks to drown from them. It is so good to see dad laugh though, and the dogs loves being around him. I like to think that it is healthy for him to have them around a bit too, as long as they manage to stay calm and behave, of course 😛 Even Ville who tends to be kind of… blunt, is more gentle around dad and listens very well to him (compared to when I ask something and the dogs are like “Whaaat? Did someone say something? No? Then nevermind!”. It’s fascinating to see how they act differently with someone they can tell won’t manage them being jumpy or rough.


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