Love At First Sight


From the moment we first met, we both knew that we belonged together. There was never any questions about it, and yet today, I don’t think either of us have ever regret it. To me, Ville is my everything. He’s my sunshine a rainy day, my cool wind a hot summer, my energy when I’m tired, my love and glue when I’m down and broken. He does not just complete me, he fulfills me and keeps me together even through my worst moments. When I’m vulnerable, he protects me. When I’m strong, he challenges me. And in return for his unconditional love, I give him my very life and soul, I give him my complete trust and every second of my day and night. I may not be able to ever repay him all the love he’s given to me, but I’ll make sure each and every day of our life to prove to him that I’ll never let him down, I’ll never give up and that I’ll always will go beyond my limits to keep him safe and healthy. To describe my love and respect for him in words is impossible, but I always tell him at least 10 times a day that he’s my heart, my number one, my perfection.

Love isn’t always healthy, it isn’t always logical. But those who says that one can’t love a pet this much.. They obviously never met that one pet that reflects ones very soul, top to bottom, and does so without judging. To them you’re perfect, just the way you are, and a finer love and friendship can’t be found elsewhere.

Weekly Photo Challenge – One Love


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