Shrouded in Misty Veil

Trollsjön, Sweden

For the Weekly Photo Challenge – Landscape


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  1. Great shot, Annika.


    1. Zuriel says:

      Thank you ^_^


  2. jmacindoe says:

    Very mysterious shot – Was this an early morning shot or does that fog linger there throughout the day?


    1. Zuriel says:

      It’s an early morning, roughly around 4-5 AM, I was up all night to be there in time for the sun rising over the tree tops 😀 Totally worth it! The fog does linger there some days during spring and autumn, it’s an amazing sight

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  3. Amy Reese says:

    Just wow. It’s so mystical looking. Very nice!


  4. Love the feeling. So calm, peaceful and mystic!


  5. Rosalina says:

    wow, so gorgeous… |


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