Archtotem – the journal of a searching soul – is a small personal blog that follows me and the events in my life. In other words, it is just like all the other millions and millions of blogs out there. Not better, not worse. Worth reading? The hell I know! I’m just writing 😉

I am Annika, a swede at the peak of my youth who lives at the outskirts of nowhere, Sweden, with my two Welsh Corgi Cardigans, Ville and Ninja, as well as my cat Muffinz.

Suffering a lot from pain and depression, I tend to struggle a lot with the everyday life. It is mostly thanks to my dogs that I’m keeping my head above the surface – they give me a reason to fight every day no matter how pointless and heavy it feels. My goal is to one day have recovered enough to get a proper education and start working, hopefully in a stable as that is where I feel most comfortable. To me, a regular life where I’m not hindered by myself is the ultimate dream and goal, everything else will be a big bonus.

I have a big interest in writing and photographing, but I’m terrible at finishing projects as well as do things I’m being told to do. Therefor, I try to always participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge, but I will also aim to find different writing challenges to overcome the parts of me that not always wants to co-operate. All criticism is gold worth, because I believe that there’s always room for improvement and all opinions contributes to a wider understanding.

Currently I’m working on a writing project that I call ‘Document 116 – Remnants of War’, a fantasy story with japanese influenses which I have really high hopes for.


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  1. thinkinkadia says:

    Pet friendly and writing friendly too😉 Good Luck with the amazing project!


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